Saturday, 30 April 2016

Why should we take the EU referendum seriously?

Let us look at a few facts, e.g. the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a man noted for doing his first U-turn about 10 minutes after delivering a Budget to the House, came up with a dodgy dossier, in which he claimed that every household would be £4,300/year worse off in 2030 [that’s 14 years from now] if we leave the EU. What the customers now have to ask is:
1. “Do I take this dodgy dossier seriously?” [clue: if you do, there’s something seriously wrong with you]
2. “If top politicians in the Remain camp are telling what are quite obviously blatant lies and not taking the referendum seriously, why should I?”
3. “Is it worth taking the counterblasts to the Remain faction’s propaganda seriously if it’s just a counterblast to a load of garbage?”

What next?

The latest Big Idea for skiving off from work at the taxpayers’ expense is an equivalent of maternity leave for women who don’t plan to have a baby. The female person who came up with the idea also thinks that if a woman becomes pregnant, the fact that she has already enjoyed a spell of non–pregnancy leave should be ignored.
    No doubt some bloke who isn’t planning to be a father will suggest an equivalent to paternity leave in the interests of diversity and equality.

Don’t you hate them even more when they’re right?

The odious Ken Livingstone has a point when he says that noticing that the Israeli government oppresses Arabs in Palestine isn’t anti-semitic. Mainly because they are both semitic peoples. And criticizing the actions of the Israeli government is not anti-Jewish – any more than taking exception to the antics of Dave & Co. in Westminster is anti-British.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Better with Brexit

As a counterblast to the Chancellor’s garbage claim that the British economy will shrink by 6.2% by 2030 following Brexit, a group of rival economists has worked out that every worker will be £40/week better off because the economy will be 4% bigger 10 years after Brexit from the embrace of the vampire squid of the EU.
    What makes their forecast more credible is that they didn’t resort to a spurious decimal point. It’s a well-known trick of con-men to put in a decimal point to make a number look super accurate. It was clearly something which G. Osborne was unable to resist, despite the total risibility of his sums.

So who pays?

The families of the Liverpool fans who died in Sheffield are going to sue the South Yorkshire and West Midlands police farces for damages. A figure of £20 million is being tossed around as the gross figure. But do the coppers who screwed up, lied about it, blackened the names of the fans and tried to cover up what they’d done have £20 million? Plus about another £20 million for the cost of the trial? Or will they just stand on the sidelines and watch the taxpayer stump up?

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Money Magic

The burrocrats in Brussels cost every family in Britain £4,600/year, according to the latest calculations by the Treasury, the employment minister, Priti Patel, has revealed. So that’s the Chancellor’s imaginary £4,300/year Brexit deficit covered nicely.

It’s easy to get it right!

One of the staff was complaining about the misuse of English yesterday. He took exception to describing the Liberals going from 57 seats in Parliament in 2010 to just 8 MPs in 2015 as their being “decimated”. When challenged to come up with something more accurate, he settled for “decrapitated”; i.e. they’d had the crap kicked out of them. Which made a lot of sense!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

It takes all sorts

What sort of lives were the Hillsborough inquest jury leading if they were willing to abandon them to a couple of years of bus fares and lunch money surrounded by guys in wigs hoovering cash into their pockets?

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Setting the world to rights? But whose rights?

I do find a degree of casual arrogance in the assumption of envious socialists that they have a divine right to redistribute the wealth of people they hate in ways that make the socialists feel good in the name of creating a fairer society. Which just reinforces the old adage that taking the envy out of a socialist is like taking the air out of a balloon. That’s all they have really, because what’s left after the air is gone is all shrivelled up and insignificant.
    We have had generations of politicians swearing blind that they’re going to create a fairer society; and then human nature gets in the way. The people obeying the rules get mad because they see others being allowed to ignore the rules, the politicians bung their mates to ensure that they get their ration of bungs in the future, the balance of society shifts a bit and no one ends up that much happier.
    And then, along comes another gang of politicians with some old snake oil in a different bottle saying if we can just stick our hands a bit deeper into the pockets of (insert your own category, e.g. the rich or non-doms) then everything will be peachy. Plus ├ža change . . .

Monday, 25 April 2016

Just because he’s a president, that doesn’t mean he can’t talk bollocks

The Germans have kindly pointed out that there are so many chasms to be bridged in the draft trade deal between the US and the EU that it looks unlikely that a deal will ever be struck. Which means that, unlike President O’Bummer’s contention, there will be no queue for Britain to be stuck at the back of.
    The choke points include the US refusals to give up a “Buy American” preference and to open up tendering for major contracts to include EU countries by compulsion. And furthermore, the absence of this famous trade deal doesn’t prevent European firms from trading with the US right now.

Doesn’t time fly?

I was watching the IndyCar event at Alabama last night and someone mentioned that it’s the 100th Indianapolis 500 later this year. Which set everyone wondering what they were racing a century ago. Stage coaches?

Sunday, 24 April 2016

They don’t call him O’Bummer for nothing

Trade deals with individual countries are inefficient, the US president reckons. If he’d ever been involved in that sort of thing, he’d know that it’s easier and quicker to get a deal with a single country than with a rabble like the 27 EU nations (after we leave).
    O’Bummer behaves like a bewildered spectator when confronted with the EU, he has no idea who Jose Barroso is (President of the European Commission) and he would be lynched if he let the North American Free Trade Agreement countries issue regulations to the US from either Canada or Mexico. Of if he tried to impose a NAFTA passport on US citizens. Or fly a NAFTA flag instead of the stars & stripes.

Imaginary enemies

I recently came across some characters who feel persecuted by non-doms. They feel that non-doms are getting away with something and should be banned. When I pointed out that the average non-dom pays more pound coins into the national piggy bank than a whole boxful of Corbyns, there was silence. And when I mentioned that the average non-dom is more patriotic than a whole container-load of envious socialists, I was called a fascist. Which I took as a chequered flag for my victory.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Let’s show O’Bummer we mean business!

Britain will be at the back of the queue for a trade deal if we leave the EU, threatens the lame-duck president. Fine, if that happens, we’ll just get out nuclear deterrent from President Putin instead. See how the Yanks like that.

Ya, boo to you, O’Bummer

They don’t call him President O’Bummer for nothing. He’s been a useless ornament in the White House and he’s on the way out. Pausing only to gobble up some British hospitality and repay it with threats about our fate is we dare to leave the EU. “I’m not here to fix any votes but my friend Dave has asked me to join his Project Bullshit, and I will.” That’s the cheerleader for industrial scale fraud against BP after the Mexican Gulf oil-spill, let us not forget.

Ya, boo to you, McDonnell

Labour shadow chancellor J. McDonnell plays the racialism card to take a pop at Boris Johnson. Coming as it does from a party which hates anything that’s white, British and not involved in terrorism, it’s a little voice from a deep hole.

Friday, 22 April 2016


At the current rate of attrition of celebs, real and notional, everyone anyone has ever heard of will be gone before Bonfire Night and “devastated” will have been retired from the English language to a nursing home for a prolonged period of rest.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Stabbed in the back by Osborne, not Brexit

Stephen Crabb, the new Minister for Work, claims that an upward blip in the unemployment statistics is due to employers being scared that the sky will fall on them when Britain exits from the EU. In fact, the slowdown in recruitment is due to the rising costs of doing business, including those due to the Chancellor’s Living Wage. And then there’s all the red tape and pointless regulation which continues to belch forth from Brussels.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

J. McDonnell, Corbyn Labour’s shadow chancellor, has thrown in the towel. He has admitted that Labour is hopelessly unelectable and he thinks the only way he and his buddies can get back onto the gravy train is to persuade the public sector unions to go on permanent strike and for looney left mobs to storm Parliament and evict the Tories.
    Which raises the interesting prospect of the EU sending in its army to restore order in battered Britain and McDonnell and his pals ending up in the Tower.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Phew, Gov!

“Thousands will struggle to see a GP during the strike” yelled the headline. Motor racing fans began to slip into despair. Then they discovered that the story was about doctors, not Formula 1.

Never mind Brexit, we need Osbornexit

With the Labour party sitting on its hands in a corner, waiting to become relevant again, it fell to the Tories to demolish the Treasury’s dodgy dossier on the terrible things which will happen to Britain if we leave the poisoned embrace of the vampire squid, which is the EU.
    George Osborne claimed that every household will lose £4,300/year as his bottom line. Strange that he didn’t mention that not being subject to EU petty red tape will be worth £4,700/year to those same households. And they will also get the benefit of the nation not tossing £350 MILLION/week down the EU drain.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Lack of seriosity

Normally, you’d be asking who took a bung to let Pagenaud press the “cheat to win” button in the Long Beach IndyCar event. But given the general Mickey Mouse state of IndyCars, especially after last year’s Montoya swindle, the staff at the Mansion have shunted it into “what do you expect” territory.

We can be heroes!

Only by leaving the EU can we save it from the moronic burrocrats, who have seized the levers of power. In coming years, Europeons will celebrate Brexit Day with a public holiday and British citizens will be welcomed everywhere for saving the Continent from ruin.
    Could happen.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Definitions for Today

Socialist: someone who thinks that anyone who has more money than him/her, through enterprise or inheritance, should pay the socialist’s way, and no socialist should ever have to put a hand into his/her pocket whilst “the rich” are still there, tormenting the socialist by being more industrious or just luckier.

Peculiar Poll

In a poll reported in the Sunday Post, 52% of the respondents described David Cameron’s financial affairs as “morally repugnant”. Are there really that many envious socialists loose in the world unkilled?

Saturday, 16 April 2016


The latest threat to national security comes from exploding hearing aid batteries. The fault is that the electrodes and electrolyte can react to turn the battery into a hydrogen-filled bomb. No surprise: the batteries were made on the cheap in China.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

More goods on Corbyn

The blighter is a rotten tax data cheat! He failed to include pension income in his published tax return. What else is this ancient envious socialist hypocrite concealing? How honourable Dave looks in comparison. [yuk! yuk!]

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

What do the Panama Papers prove?

They confirm Corbyn and Labour as the party of resentful scroungers, the party of people who have no aspirations and no get-up-and-go, and who hate the rich because the rich never give them as much of their wealth as would satisfy insatiable scroungers.
    And in purely practical, tax income terms, 1 Cameron = 4 Corbyns.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Why is Dave being trolled?

The chain of envious socialist logic seems to go: "David Cameron has more money than me, therefore Dave is EVIL and Dave should give money to me because I’m not evil." I have vague memories of a travel book, in which the author gave an account of a trip to eastern Africa; Zanzibar, or somewhere like that; and he reported that the locals perk up when they see a white face and demand, “Give me my money.”
    It’s exactly the same mentality here. The envious socialists are too idle to get off their butts and make something of themselves, and they feel entitled to scrounge off people with a little more wealth as some sort of god-given right.
    Okay, it’s pathetic but that’s where our free, enlightened society has gone. Scrounger heaven.
    Okay, envious socialists are programmed to hate Dave because he’s a pretend Tory. But if they’re going to shoot at him from moral high ground, they have to make sure that it’s over something real. Because as far as paying your whack is concerned, Dave is at level 76 grand in that area of moral high ground compared to J. Corbyn who paid only to something like 2p in income tax last year.

Government theft, but that’s normal

Mrs. Thatcher wanted wealth to cascade down the generations within the families which had created it. I get that socialists have been brainwashed into being unable to think of anything associated with the name Thatcher as anything other than evil. But that doesn’t change the fact that death taxes, existing and any extra ones that J. Corbyn wants, are a double tax on income which has already been taxed once, and theft if applied to wealth acquired honestly.

Monday, 11 April 2016

The latest totally daft idea . . .

 . . from the Global Warming Fraudsters is to replace the natural gas piped to domestic customers with hugely more explosive hydrogen. Anyone remember the Hindenburg? “Oh, the humanity!”
    The scam involves pumping methane and steam into a steam/methane reformer to obtain hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The hydrogen is then gaily piped out through cities, leaving them liable to explosions which will take out complete streets, instead of the single houses claimed by a natural gas explosion. The carbon dioxide will be pumped into disused North Sea gas fields using carbon capture and storage technology, which is just GWF pie-in-the-sky and flim-flam, and will remain so for decades
    The energy gap between burning methane as a primary fuel and all the palaver of extracting hydrogen, storing carbon dioxide and rebuilding the gas distribution network to allow it to be moderately safe when full of hydrogen is ENORMOUS.
    Of course, there are other small details like the cost of adapting or replacing every gas boiler, fire and cooker in the land to run with hydrogen. And, no doubt, there are gangs of terrorists salivating shamelessly at the thought of the size of the explosion they could trigger with very little effort. But that’s not likely to trouble the Global Warming Fraudsters as they laugh their way to the bank with bundles of taxpayers’ money in their hot, sticky hands.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Fair’s Fair

David Cameron’s published tax accounts show that he paid £76,000 in income tax last year. So no one who paid less is entitled to troll him over his tax affairs. Labour spivs like J. Corbyn and T. Watson, and all the over-vocal scroungers, please take note.

Bad news for militias

InYerFaceBuk has started removing pages offering guns of all sorts and ammunition for sale. Likewise pages offering heavy machine guns, anti-tank missles and rocket launchers. And they call the NFL the No Fun League!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ask a silly question . . .

“Is it true that you can drive from Madrid to Edinburgh on dual carriageways bar a three-mile section of single carriageway near Gloucester?” someone wrote to the Daily Mail’s Answers to Correspondents column.
    No, it’s not true. There is a big seaway called the English Channel between England and the rest of Europe and there are no roads, single or dual carriageway, across it.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Vanity, just impure vanity

What is the point of an injunction which applies only to England and Wales? No doubt it makes the judges feel important, and it shoves cash into the pockets of people working in the court system, but when the names of the cheating celebs are available on Mr. Internet, it just reinforces the old adage: “Sometimes the Law is an ass and sometimes, it’s administered by pompous donkeys.”

They’re all the same

There’s a lot of rubbish being talked about whether the level of trust in the prime minister has been reduced by the revelation that his father was good at hanging on to his own money.
    But no one trusts ANY of the current political party leaders, so what difference will it make?

The real Mossack Fonseca Story

From a British perspective, the Mossack Fonseca leak shows that David Cameron’s father took pains to keep his money out of the grasp of the taxman by entirely legal means. So no problem there. He paid his due taxes and he probably paid a whole lot more than any of the envious socialists, who want a free ride at the expense of the rich and the fortunate.
    Something else that the M-S leak shows, which isn’t okay, is that corrupt politicians in Third World recipients of British aid have way too much cash to have acquired it honestly, which raises the obvious question of why Dave the Leader and his sidekick G. Osborne are so cool with feeding British taxpayers’ money to corrupt regimes abroad.
    They should be outraged by the abuses of aid money. And if they’re not, bearing in mind that they are politicians, the British public is entitled to ask what they’re getting out of it.

Turncoat tripe

The latest Project Fear load of garbage is that Brexit means that British airlines won’t be able to fly between cities in Europe. So says Defence Sec. M. Fallon, a former eurosceptic who turned his coat when Dave bribed him with a job. Clearly, no one has told him that there is an open-fly policy for the region, which would not be affected by Britain leaving the EU.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

How much does a Dodgy Dossier cost?

In the case of Prime Minister Dave Cameron, £9 MILLION of taxpayer’s money will be blown on his personal piece of propaganda for the European Union, which will be posted to every household in Britain.
    ● Dave gave a promise to Parliament that no taxpayers’ money would be spent on promoting either the Leave the EU campaign or the Remain campaign. Add it to the long list of Dave’s Dodgy Promises.
    ● The government is giving local councils an extra £15 million of taxpayers’ money to fill potholes in roads. It could have been £24 million if not for Dave’s Dodgy EU Dossier.

European Court run by crooks!

A whistleblower has revealed that the European Court of Justice invented an imaginary backlog of cases to justify empire-building to double the current number of judges. So that’s 56 judges sitting around twiddling their thumbs instead of 28, and the taxpayer has to stump up £23 MILLION/year to support the extra judicial parasites. Could it be that Tony B. Liar, Alastair Campbell and John Scarlett have moved on from creating dodgy dossiers to supplying lies to European institutions?
    ● Britain, Holland and Denmark tried to block this latest Euroexcess but, of course, they were outvoted.

Cash down the drain needlessly

Junior doctors are on strike for more money today and gangs of trainee doctors are threatening to cash in abroad when they qualify. But is it beyond the wit of the government to let the apprentices know that they won’t receive their final certificate of competence to practice until after they’ve paid off the cost of their training in cash or in kind? Probably.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Nothing has changed

There has been a lot of gloating and hypocrisy splashed around following the leak of data from a Panamanian firm of fixers; a lot of it because our own dear prime monster’s late father used the firm as well of lots of dodgy dictators and money launderers.
    But people with cash, the Great and the Bad alike, will always make their money disappear so that it can’t be taxed at what they see as punitive rates. Okay, a little light has been shone into their dark corners, but even as the figures of hate retreat into their dens and leave their staff to tell the world’s meeja to sod off, the fact remains that they still have their money, and they’ll just hide it somewhere else.
    The Little People have a chance to rant for a while and explode with envy, then it will all be lost in the dustbin of history. Just a bump in the road for the mega-rich.

A strong daftness prize contender

David Cameron thinks that people consider his handling of the EU referendum debate to be inept as a direct result of exposure in the news media of his Project Fear crap. If the Press hadn’t shot so many holes in his scare stories, he believes, he wouldn’t have ended up looking like a plonker.

Is this a world record for daftness?

The boss of the London Stock Exchange thinks a Brexit from the EU would cause the whole rotten mess to implode and – get this! – the United States would occupy Europe to stick the EU back together as a bulwark against Putin the Piranha.

Let’s do them all a favour

The only hope of reforming the European Union’s corrupt administration lies in Britain voting to leave; which will confront the Eurocrats with the need to make it more accountable and less interfering before other states decide to have a membership referendum.
    A union of individual member states in a free trade area and customs union is a good idea. An over-closer union of states which have had their individuality homogenized to a grey sludge by an administration so remote from the voters as to be unaccountable? Very bad idea.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Unethical foreign policy

The United States has cancelled foreign aid to the corrupt regime in Tanzania, but Dave the leader continues to hurl British taxpayers’ money at it for the sake of chucking 0.7% of GDP down the drain. If there were any justice, Dave would get a short stay in the Tower of London whilst the bloke with the axe reserved for traitors sharpens it up.

Eurocrap Logic

Lord Darzi thinks it’s wonderful that the EU handed the UK £637 million for medical research between 2007 and 2013. But Britain hands the EU £350 million every week. So that’s less than a fortnight’s EU contribution spread out over seven years. Sounds like a pretty crap version of wonderful, your lordship.

Is Project Fear the right name for it?

Maybe they should call it Project Bollocks instead. That’s exactly what Health Sec. J. Hunt’s warning that the NHS will collapse if we leave the EU is. Why would we expel EU citizens who are currently working in the NHS? That makes sense only to an idiot, which is clearly what Hunt is.