Saturday, 29 August 2015

Don’t bother, the taxpayer will pay

A Nigerian woman came to Britain and had quins at Homerton hospital in Hackney in 2011; at a cost to the taxpayer of £145,000. The Daily Mail was able to track her down, and she said she was willing to pay the bill but the hospital hasn’t asked her to; which raises two obvious questions:
    Why couldn’t the hospital’s finance director do the same?
    Why hasn’t this finance director been sacked, without a fancy pay-off, for gross negligence in a public office?

Friday, 28 August 2015

Yes, I’d pay to see that!

In a montage of scenes from up-coming films, shown on the Watch TV channel last night, there was a sequence showing a big dummox with a submachine gun in either hand. He flaps those hands as he presses the magazine release buttons on both weapons to send the empties flying away dramatically, which leaves him standing there, looking like a complete tosser, with each hand full of a bulletless gun and no free hands to slam in full magazines.
    The clip ends there but I’d have loved to see it extended to show some ratty little bloke with a sawn-off, who strolls up to the posing tosser, says: “What’s your next move, Tex?” and lets him have both barrels as the penny is dropping and the tosser is realizing he doesn’t have one.

Reform well overdue

More dross packed into the House of Frauds from the dissolution (dis)honours list. The number of Tories goes up in an attempt to prevent the Liberals from blocking legislation in what is supposed to be a revising chamber. It’s a dirty job but it has to be done.
    D. Blunkett is being called one of the few worthy candidates for the ermine. But wasn’t he sacked from the job of Home Sec. for abuse of his office and his expenses to get a visa for his nanny and free travel for his mistress? Sounds like he’ll be right at home in the House of Frauds.

Medal opportunity lost

Why isn’t Gordon Brown competing in Peking as Scotland’s hot favourite in the mobile phone hurling contest?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tell us another

J. Corbyn claimed he doesn’t do “personal abuse” on a Five Live show featuring the Labour leadership hopefuls last night. Is that anything like “self-abuse”?

Words you never thought you might never need to use!

This list was inspired by coming across “cisgender”, a totally unnecessary description invented as an opposite of “transgender” and meaning normal, as things should be. Who needs it? But some of the following “trans” substitutes do actually have promise as useful words.

cisact – ignore
ciscend – fail
cisscribe, cisducer, cisfigure, cisform,
cixfix – leave indifferent
cisgress – behave yourself
ciship, cisistor,
cisit / cislocate / cisport – go nowhere, stay put
cislate, cisliterate, cismigrate, cismit,
cismogrify sounds like it really ought to have a meaning!
cisparent – opaque
cispire – inhale
cisplant – a medical term for skin grafts, etc., from one part of the same body to another
cispose / cisubstantiate – leave things as they are
cisexual, cisvestite.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

None of the above! No way!

A poll has shown that only 20% of voters would choose Labour at a general election if the new leader is J. Corbyn . . . or A. Burnham, or Y. Cooper, or L. Kendall. They all come out equal within the margin for error. So that’s a plague on all their houses! It looks like Labour needs to find some more candidates without baggage but with credibility.

Monday, 24 August 2015

No chance

The latest Corbinology, trawled out of an interview a year ago, is that he’ll hand Ulster over to the Irish Republic if he ever gets to be PM. Perhaps someone should remind him that the “Land of Kings” has only ever been united under British rule because the locals have a history of being far too stroppy to play nice and give up their kingdoms.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Another Broon Bungle

Something else the nation has to thank Gordon Brown for – appointing J. Chilcot, a Whitehall burrocrap who clearly wasn’t up to the job, to head the Iraq war inquiry.

Public disgrace but shameless

The situation isn’t helped by the likes of the chief constable of Avon & Somerset, who has been busted for using his work phone to swap dirty pictures with his various girlfriends. He, of course, thinks he’s done nothing wrong and he shouldn’t resign. No honour, no integrity, no sense of decency. How very New Labour.
    Of course, he could be done for stealing publicly funded electricity by using the phone, or conduct unbecoming a senior police officer or even being a scumbag in a public office. But don’t expect the Can’t Prosecute Service to leap into action anytime soon.


There was a lot of moaning from the usual suspects about newspapers daring to report that the West Midlands police farce won’t name its Top 10 Most Wanted Suspects on ’uman right grounds. Okay, let’s shoot the messenger. Let’s ignore the fact that judges are taking it upon themselves to create laws which don’t have the endorsement of Parliament. And that police farces are choosing not to do the job they’re paid to do because senior officers are afraid to let anyone be arrested or exposed as dangerous for fear of violating imaginary ’uman rights. And also in fear of the effect on their own careers, of course, if they disturb the even flow of political correctitude.
    The rights of the criminal are paramount and the rights of everyone else count for nothing. Why? It all comes down to the fact that there is more public money to be slid into the pockets of the legal profession under this twisted regime than under an honest one.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sick Jokes of Our Times

The Iraq War report will not be published until after three doctors have certified that Tony B. Liar has responsibility-shedding dementia.

Books of their times

Crime & Punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevskiy
Crime & Get Away With It – any modern British Home Secretary

Number One Weasel

When some government stooge, or the boss of a big company, says, “I don’t recognize . . .” about something which has been exposed by a whistle-blower, look for the growing nose.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Corbyn Cracked

J. Corbyn is a guy who desperately needs to be noticed. And given that the only people he’s found who will take any notice of him are anti-British despots and terrorists, that means he’s condemned to be an eternal small-pond guy, who spends his life protesting rather than actually doing anything.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Corbyn Moonshine

Pollsters are telling us that people like Labour leadership hopeful J. Corbyn because of his ability to “take on D. Cameron” – but when has he ever done that apart from never? He is also supposed to stand up for ordinary people. Really? Well, he does seem to stand up for lots of anti-British despots and terrorists. But do they count as ordinary people?

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Unreliable witnesses

His legal team have been trying to mislead the world into thinking that forcing Lord Janner to make a court appearance in connection with child molestation charges would have a devastating effect on him. But on the day, he quite enjoyed his brief excursion. Which only goes to show that you should trust the words of lawyers as much as those of politicians (many of whom are lawyers, too).

Pragmatic medicine

The usual suspects are up in arms over the government’s plan to send paramedics on home visits instead of GPs. But if there are not enough GPs to do the work, what is the government expected to do? Sit on its hands whilst the usual opportunists play the complacency card? Or offer a pragmatic solution? It might not be a perfect solution but, in many cases, it will be sufficient.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Foot-dragging on an epic scale

So old man Chilcot, he of the Iraq war inquiry, is working only 8 hours per week? No wonder the wretched man is refusing to set an end date for his messing about. It’s about time the prime minister got a grip and, instead of further posturing, chucked Chilcot off the inquiry and got one of the other top people to take his place. And cancelling Chilcot’s knighthood would also be deserved.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Don’t know when they’re well off

The ranks of the apologists for the Great Global Warming Swindle seem to be full of crypto-mediaevalists, who see the Swindle as an excuse for pursuing their own cause of trying to get all large firms closed down, especially multinationals, and also all power stations – provided their income isn’t affected, the taxpayer subsidizes keeping their lights on and they are allowed to have as much petrol as they want (or diesel if they fell for the scam that a diesel engine produces less pollution than a petrol engine).
    Everyone will be required to live on whatever they can grow in their garden. Which means that anyone without a garden will starve. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for a return to a mediaeval-revival paradise.

Lost cause revisited

The Sunday papers reminded me that the Japanese were planning to murder all of their prisoners, military and civilian alike, if their country was invaded. Dropping the atomic bombs and the quick surrender saved all those lives too.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lost cause

It’s the 70th anniversary month of the nuclear bombings in Japan, which ended World War II, and the usual suspects are still going on about a world free of nuclear weapons. Ain’t going to happen, chaps. Things can’t be uninvented. And when the usuals go on about the thousands of innocents who died in the 2 Japanese cities, let us not forget the millions the Japanese murdered and maimed before their imperial ambitions were crushed, and the hundreds of thousands who would have been killed and mutilated if the Allies had been forced to invade Japan.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Denier defined

This is a pejorative term applied by swindlers and their apologists to those Spawn of the Devil who refuses to fall for the Great Global Warming Swindle. The swindlers would have us believe that deniers are an even greater threat to the future of the planet than Ming the Merciless; in short, the enemy.
    A denier is someone who does not believe that the swindlers can describe how the Earth’s climate works with their models and hence that their predictions of catastrophe, and their assurances that they can avert the catastrophe, are worthless.
    A denier is someone who has realized that the swindlers cannot be trusted to present honest data or submit their machinations to the scrutiny normally expected for scientific data. A denier recognizes that the GGWS is a cult and not to be addressed in the same way as real science. The cult uses conjecture and suspect anecdotal “evidence” to make its “case” and it is tainted with political manoeuvrings and character assassination to keep the grant money flowing to members of the GGWS.

Politics taints

Recycling is a sensible idea on economic grounds, but only as long as politics is kept out of it. Once politicians start imposing arbitrary targets to let them pretend they’re saving the planet, the economics go to hell. The taxpayer ends up paying more than the “from new” cost for recycled goods and all sorts of resources are wasted on the endless scams needed to pretend that politically controlled recycling works.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Myths & Legends, Come Away!

The luvvie tendency keeps busting a gut to make everyone think the Tories are going to privatize the NHS and all the poor people will die because they won’t be able to afford it. But isn’t this something the Labour party was doing during its last 13 years of misrule? There were Gordon Brown’s infamous PPI scams, which let him keep hospital building costs out of the national debt by trickery, and which left the taxpayer paying 25 times the building cost for one hospital. And then there was all the contracting out of NHS services to private companies, which subsequently employed retired Labour ministers at 6-figure salaries at around 3 times what the prime minister is paid. All in all, your luvvie high ground is rather flat, chaps.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

PC? Not for me!

Political correctitude is a manifestation of the intrinsic control freakery of the Corbynite Left, which believes that people can’t be relied upon to do anything, including thinking for themselves and managing their own money. That’s why the Left is always erecting hoops for people to jump through and why the Left believes in high taxation – so that the government has lots of cash to give to its cronies and clients.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Great idea, can’t be made to work

State control of national assets, e.g. water, power and the railways, is a fundamentally sound idea beset by two severe practical problems. 1. Competent management is severely lacking in the public and quango sectors from Parliament down. 2. The workforce, via its unions, feels entitled to unrealistic levels of pay and pensions because, whilst private companies can go bump, everyone knows that the taxpayer has lots of cash and can be squeezed indefinitely. And the above doesn’t address the problem of raising enough revenue, by treating the asset as a business, to fund repairs and replacements when other government departments insist on grabbing any profits for their own use.

Yes, there is a sell-by date

Cilla Black provoked a fair bit of outrage in the ranks of the control freak tendency by suggesting that she wouldn’t want to linger if her body stopped working, and she thought 75 would be a good age to cash in her chips. Beset by arthritis, her hearing and vision going, she actually popped off after an accident at 72.
    Welcome to the finishing line, Cilla. You did life and you got out of it before things started to get too burdensome for you. Job done.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Contemptible Chancers

All the Labour MPs who put on synthetic outrage over the PM’s uses of the word swarm to describe the economic migrants and bonus terrorists in Calais should be put on the ducking stool forthwith until they admit that it was their party which caused by problem with its policies of unlimited immigration to annoy the Tory Establishment and using benefits to buy votes.