Sunday, 31 July 2011

Heads, he loses

His party seems to be disappointed because giving the Milibandit a nose job didn’t fix his voice and make him sound dynamic. But they don’t seem to have spotted the down-side, namely that the clearer his speech becomes, the sooner people will realize he’s spouting total tosh and the quicker they’ll begin scoffing.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Hollywood Fraud

I’ve just finished re-reading The Thirty-Nine Steps and it was a real revelation. My mind has been so thoroughly polluted by the film that Mr. Buchan’s real story unfolded in completely unexpected directions, even though it can’t be more than a couple of years since I last did this slim volume. Not a bad thing from the entertainment point of view, but they really should have called the film something else because it’s so little like the story in the book.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Isn’t the Libyan NHS brilliant!

Abbie M’Grahi, the Lockerbie Bomber, was sent home with cancer and 3 months to live by a New Labour government eager to do a trade deal with Pres. Gaddaffiy. Two years later, he’s still alive, making TV appearances and embarrassing the British politicians who let him go. Miraculous, or what!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Thanks a bunch, Dave!

Our new all-singing, all-dancing, not-new-labor prime monster thought it would be a brilliant wheeze to do a national happiness survey to find out what people want. The results are now back and, surprise! What makes the British people happy is having good health, good family and other relationships, a decent job, a decent local environment and good education for their offspring. And what makes the British people unhappy is a posturing prime monster blowing TWO MILLION QUID of their money on such a waste-of-time survey.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

It’s all go today!

What a day of racing! A British winner of the German GP – Lewis Hamilton – and a British winner of the last stage of the Tour de France – Manx Mark Cavendish – who is also the first Brit to win the Green Jersey competition. And Cadel Evans became the first Aussie to win the Tour itself. There’s a chance of a British win if the Scottish Dario Franchitti can do the business on the airport circuit at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. But it will take a major miracle to get a British win in the MotoGP event at Laguna Seca in California at the end of the day.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Just sour grapes?

theGuardian was full of itself when it was publishing diplomatic material hacked by Mr. WikiLeaks. So why the faux high moral tone about phone-hacking by the News of the Screws? Sounds like theGroaner has the hump because it didn’t think of it first.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Time to be daring

It seems clear that all of the candidates to be the Commissioner of the Metropolitan police are tainted by the stain of Blairist political correctitude and in hock to the Murdoch organization like Labour (including the blessed Redward Milipede) and the Tories. So the only solution would appear to make it an honorary post and award it to someone the people can trust. My nomination would be Prince Charles.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Odd goings on in France

Is it just me or are there more crashes in the Tour de France this year and more severe ones? Some of them are down to rank bad discipline on the part of the organizers. There is no excuse for motorbikes and TV cars crashing riders off the road. But apart from the odd dozy spectator, what’s causing the rest? Could it be something to do with Global Warming?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Still in the swamp

Isn’t it cheering to see every politician whose sleazy behaviour and abuse of office was exposed by any of the newspapers queueing up to get the press regulated so that they can get away with it in future. And how fitting that much of the pontificating is going on in the House of Commons, where systematic and organized theft from the taxpayer was allowed to go on for years, and still continues to a somewhat lesser extent even now.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Moral Swampland

Gordon Broon is a fine one to chunner on about people consorting with known criminals. How many Labour MPs were sacked and sent to gaol for stealing from the taxpayer? And how many of these known criminals got away with it? And what about Gordon’s cheerleading for an illegal war started on the basis of manufactured evidence by the New Labour government he was part of? Yep, you’re a fine one to talk about known criminals, Gordon.

Monday, 11 July 2011

A rather peculiar revenge

How odd that the people taking the biggest pops at the defunct NotW are the ones whose bizarre and disgusting lives were exposed by the News of the Screws. Or are they so desperate to be noticed that they don’t care that the other papers will take the chance to rake over the muck one more time in the name of providing context for the sordid celebs’ rants?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The First & the Last

Just back from watching the last ever space shuttle launch. Having seen the first one by accident 30 years ago – they were a couple of days late with the launch and fell into my window of opportunity – I thought it would be a good idea to do the last one by design.

No. 135 wasn’t as impressive as No. 1, which had a white-painted external fuel tank instead of a nasty old “rusty after being left out in the rain for a couple of years” finish. The first 3 launches looked like proper spaceships instead of refugees from a scrapyard.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Pass the hypocrisy pills, Mary!

The Labour party cosied up to the banks and they went crazy with their customers’ money. The Labour party cosied up to the Murdoch organization and the News of the Screws hacked into every voicemail account available. Now, we get Labour’s war criminals, guys who lied to the country to start an illegal war, pontificating about how they have the answer to it all, and look at me, I got away with it, by the way. Will the same standards be applied to the criminals at the News of the World? Joke!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What nice people!

What is it about cycling that brings out the worst in those involved? You get contestants guzzling drugs supplied by the team pusher and getting themselves overloaded with red blood cells, and officials distorting the results with wilfully perverse rulings that lack a leg to stand on. And they dare to call this a sport!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Mug me, please!

I was innocently reading my Sunday Telegraph yesterday when I came across a brilliant offer. Renewable Energy Bonds paying an A.E.R. of 8%! Wow! Then I read the small print. Woe!

The bonds can’t be traded and they can’t be redeemed for at least 4 years. Worse, the company offers no guarantee that it will ever pay any interest. Even worse, the company doesn’t even have to give you your money back. And they call it an “ethical investment”.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Just common sense, really

It would appear that the government took steps to stop the anti-nuclear lobby from turning the disaster at the power station in earthquake-prone Japan into silly scare stories aimed at the British nuclear programme (such as it is). Sounds like good government to me; something which has become fairly unknown after 13 years of Bliar & Broon.