Saturday, 28 November 2015

Compulsive Rebranding

Labour’s nutters are at it again. The vegan agriculture and fisheries mouthpiece wants us to call fishermen fishers from now on. So that’s fire-ers for firemen? Dusters for dustmen? Misterers for Mister Men? Where do they find these characters?

Friday, 27 November 2015

The gesture will do

It doesn’t really matter if Britain doesn’t drop any bombs on Syria. The United States has half the bombs in the world (Russia has the rest) and any contribution we make will be insignificant. What is actually involved is a political gesture rather than anything military. The US and France need the moral weight of Britain’s support. Our munitions are irrelevant.

Stealth taxes never went away

A Brown spectre is haunting Britain again. The Chancellor has ditched Austerity, in the same way that Gordon Brown murdered Prudence, and he’s slapping on £30 Billion in stealth taxes. G. Broon will be laughing all the way to his coffin when he turns in from now on.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bad? Worse?

Which was worse? The Ed Stone or shadow chancellor J. McDonnell quoting Mass Murderer Mao in his reply to the Autumn Statement and getting the real chancellor off the hook?

Wot Cuts?

In 2009/10, the last year of a Labour government, public spending was running at £670 Billion/year. In 2015/16, £756 Billion/year. That’s a rise of just 1% after adjusting for inflation. It is expected to rise to £820 Billion/year in 2019/20. Assuming low inflation continues, that amounts to a real-terms increase.
    So much for all the shroud-waving done by Labour, the trade unions, the so-called BBC and theGrauniad. And so much for G. Osborne's claims that he believes in fixing the roof while the sun is shining. Gordon Brown must be laughing his little cotton socks off when he climbs into his coffin at night.

No, no, not Brown! No!

For his autumn statement, a.k.a. Budget III, the Chancellor found £27 Billion in loose change down the back of his settee, so state spending will go up, and so will taxes, especially council tax (up 25% by 2020) and fuel duty.
    By 2020, the foreign aid budget will have doubled during Cameron’s reign; that’s a lot of cash thrown down drains and into the pockets of dictators and corrupt officials.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What’s the word Putin is looking for?

Russian troops in a terrorist-held part of Ukraine shoot down a Malaysian airliner with around 300 people aboard and . . . nothing. The Turkish air force shoots down a Russian fighter which was treating Turkish air-space like part of the Greater Russian Empire and suddenly, it’s World War Three. I think the word is “proportionality”.

Life run backwards

Whatever happened to majorities? We never seem to hear from them these days. All are ears are bombarded with now is propaganda from loud minorities, the more absurd and the more repellent, the better.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Money and policy

1. Despite “The Cuts”, the police forces in England and Wales still have plenty of money to waste on inefficient procurement, excessive salaries (the top cop in Scotland is on £700K) for senior officers and Spanish practices. And the police budget has increased by £1.5 billion over the last 15 years, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which should know.
    So what “Cuts” are we talking about? If police forces really are short of cash, the cause should be self-inflicted by senior officers. The police forces in England and Wales are sitting on reserves of £2.1 billion, and some forces have doubled their reserves in the last 5 years. So there is clearly cash available for immediate needs despite all the shroud-waving that goes on.

2. There’s nothing wrong with putting troops on the streets alongside unarmed coppers to deter coppers, no matter how much the Labour party moans. Better to have them doing useful work here than fighting a war in Syria, which should be the responsibility of the Moslem nations who protest that the Islamic Scumbags are nothing to do with them, e.g. Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Do your job first, mate

The BBC’s director-general is complaining about mission drift and undue outside interference. Maybe if he could return the Beeb to making and showing TV programmes and broadcasting the news without pandering to the looney left, he might be trusted to get on with directing generally unsupervised.

Sometimes, life hands it to you on a plate

Labour’s bookmark leader is in clover over the Islamist Scumbag situation. Being Corbyn, the friend of every tinpot terrorist gang willing to shake his hand, he’s a natural friend of IS. Being the leader, pro tem, of Her Majesty’s (not so Loyal) Opposition, he feels it’s his job to be against everything the government wants to do. And suddenly, his luck’s in.
    Our prime minister and his immediate circle are busting a collective gut to get us into a war in Syria. But the experience of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya shows that our politicians and our military are incompetent to wage war. Period. And when Corbyn points this out, he’s opposing the government and protecting a gang of terrorists. Wooo! Talk about sugar-coated with a cherry on top!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Dodgy Dave

According to the Scottish Office minister, A. Dunlop, both the Scottish and UK governments want to retain the Barnett Formula, which gives Scotland an oversized block grant funded by English taxpayers. The reason why the Scottish government wants to keep the BF is obvious. But why does Dave the Leader think that English taxpayers should carry on paying an unfair subsidy to the Scots? We are entitled to know.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Heirs to Blair & Mandelsleaze

The Tories are having a sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ blackmail scandal over Mark Clarke, the Liberals brought Lord Gropington back into the fold and Labour has the repulsive K. Livingstone doing its Defence review. What do all these failings of judgement have in common? Cronyism.
    Party leaders are failing to put competent people in charge of running the party – someone capable of spotting a rotten apple and having the authority to squash it. New Labour’s poisonous legacy has now become SOP and in the case of the Tories at least, will continue to be so for as long as Dave the Leader keeps trying to be Tony B. Liar.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Should Britain go to war in Syria?

There are lots of excellent reasons why we shouldn’t. Such as the reasons why we should have stayed out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Our politicians were and remain clueless. They didn’t have an exit strategy for the above 3 wars and they won’t have one for war in Syria. They got rid of Saddam Hussain, the Taliban (partially and temporarily) and Gaddaffy, and they’ll no doubt get rid of Assad, but they just created a safe haven for monsters in the previous wars and there’s no reason to think things will go any better in Syria.
    Then there are the additional arguments. The geniuses at the Ministry of Defence are incapable of procuring decent equipment and sending a properly provisioned army into the field. And the guys on the General Staff with red tabs on their collars didn’t exactly cover themselves with glory in the previous wars; not if we have a sergeant with battle fatigue doing time in gaol for murder. No doubt we’ll hear lots of crap about winning hearts and minds in Syria, where the combatants don’t have hearts or minds, they just have guns and an insatiable desire to slaughter anyone who doesn’t belong to their particular Islamic cult.
    And then we’re back to politics and the failure of our politicians to prevent the taxpayer from being ripped off by crooked lawyers bringing spurious human rights cases from right, left, centre and every other direction. Not to mention the traitors within the military police, who think they’ll score points by railroading British troops into gaol.
    Not until we get a thorough house-cleaning all the way down the line will the British public start to think that the government might possibly be starting to become a tad less clueless and able to look after our interests.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Cosmetic Ring

There’s nothing the authorities love more than throwing a Ring of Steel around places. Like the one at Wembley stadium yesterday for the football match between England and France. It’s a wonder they didn’t put a couple of tanks in the car park to give the TV cameras something to drool over.
    Did it achieve anything? Actually, no. If they’re going to attack somewhere, terrorists will pick a place that’s not ringed in steel as a bit of basic common sense.
    Empty gesture by the establishment. Normal security would have done. No one impressed.

Out of step again

Jeremy Corbyn, the man who never supported his own party in the past, got the same treatment from Labour MPs after his “hug a terrorist instead of shooting him in the head” plea to the police. There are only a handful of Labour members who haven’t offered a resounding “include me out” to the Corbyn line for the party.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Make it go away quickly

Russia has set out its terms for being banned from world athletics for institutional doping and covering up of the doping. It’s willing to be banned but only on condition that the ban is lifted next February to let its druggie athletes compete in the Olympic games.

“I’m Jeremy, notice me, please!”

Our bookmark Labour leader continues to prove that he will go to any lengths to be noticed. Please don’t shoot to kill terrorists if they start killing people on British streets, he has told the police. Presumably, because he thinks some of his pals might be rubbed out.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

International Athletic Back-scratching

The world of athletics expects Russia to accept a ban on competing in next year’s Olympic games in Rio on condition that enough whitewash is applied in the meantime to allow Russia’s druggie athletes to be reinstated in time to join in the Games.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

More Corbyn-balls

“We are the party of patriotism,” said Corbyn. “And we fought fascism.” What he didn’t go on to say is that he wants to impose his own brand of communism on the country. Fascism? Communism? Spot the difference, as far as the people are concerned.

Inevitable consequence

If you embrace diversity and multiculturalism, then you must also accept that some people will take this as an endorsement of their view that they have a divine right to kill people who don't share their culture. Hence what happened in Paris yesterday.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Obliteration not incarceration

Some good news from Syria for once: the US military is 99% certain that the killer Jihadi John was “evaporated” by a drone strike. Some of the usual suspects are moaning that he should have been captured and put on trial but wiping such characters from the face of the Earth is a much better idea than wasting millions on locking them up and enriching lawyers.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

“Doping is not exclusively Russian; we just do it better than anyone else.”

Russia has been running a state-sponsored doping programme for athletes, plus bribes and cover-ups, for years. Is anyone surprised? No, the only surprise is that the scandal has been exposed. Looks like the KGB assassination squads are falling down on the job. But no doubt Comrade Putin has an assassin assassination squad working on the problem right now.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

He’s nobody

For the benefit of anyone worried about J. Corbyn’s announcement that he will never push the nuclear button: don't panic, he’s just a political book mark and he’ll never get within sniffing distance of said button. Which is the reason why his failure to do the decent thing and bow at the Cenotaph at the Remembrance service doesn’t matter; he knows he’s just a bookmark and he’ll soon be forgotten, so he can be as curmudgeonly as he likes.

Just typical

It comes as no surprise that the EU’s answer to the migration crisis is to offer to hurl billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money at African despots to bribe them to take back the junk people and trade them for their country's brightest and best.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Who’s the crook?

The police in England and Wales made £54 million last year from a speed camera scam. Speed cams are supposed to be all about road safety, but the police are offering an alternative to paying a fine (which goes to the Treasury) and points being added to a motorist’s a licence, which can raise their insurance premium.
    Instead, the motorist pays a couple of hundred quid to attend a Mickey Mouse speed awareness course, which shoves £40/customer into the official pocket of the local coppers. Which doesn’t stop their chief constable from pleading poverty and railing about The Cuts and yelling that he/she is going to have to remove all those invisible bobbies from beat duty to spite the government.

Bin the looneys

Who are all these creeps who keep assaulting us with their transgender, faux equality, diversity and god-knows-what issues? Are there no real, normal people left in the world?

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Two of a kind

Labour is claiming that the government has no coherent political strategy for dealing with the terrorists in Syria and Iraq. But one does get the distinct feeling that the Labour party is hinting that this is okay because it gives Labour an excuse for not having a coherent political strategy either.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Three eyes would be nice

Let’s hear it for the sports fans at the Mansion. Come 6 p.m. yesterday, they were having to devote one eye to live CFL, one eye to simultaneous live NFL and yet another eye to a simultaneous Grand Prix race in Mexico. No wonder they were all looking boss-eyed very quickly.

Well, that’s nice

Shaker Aamer has been in preventive detention @ Guantanamo Bay since he was arrested in Afghanistan, after taking his family there from the UK. He has now been allowed back into Britain and the first things on his agenda are to take advantage of the NHS – is he going to pay anything for the privilege, having failed to contribute to it? – and to sue the British government for taxpayers’ cash for compensation. For what? He chose to go and live in the Taliban paradise in Afghanistan, and we owe him nothing.
    Maybe they should have told the ungrateful sod to keep on travelling back to Saudia, where he came from.