Sunday, 16 December 2018

Browns triumph at last

That was a striking performance from the Cleveland Browns last night to end their losing streak against the Denver Broncos. And, most important of all, when their head coach gets on someone’s case for making a blunder, the team can remind him that he nearly cost them the match with a ill-judged time out inside the last two minutes.

No sense in the USA

If an NFL team loses out in the race to the playoffs, why are other teams said to ‘win out’? Don’t they know that the opposite of ‘lose out’ has to be ‘win in’?

Humbuggers at it again

Predictably, the rail unions will be leaping out on strike over Xmas and some airline pilots will be joining in. But hey! Xmas is the world’s stupidest time of year to try to go anywhere. So sod ’em.

More cloth ears

It’s very easy to hear ‘social media’, particularly as uttered by some Americans when commentating on their football matches, as ‘sofa media’. Which also works quite well as it describes the home of couch potatoes.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Rivers In Flood

That was a brave decision of the LA Chargers; going for a win with a 2-point conversion instead of kicking a field goal and ending up 28-all with the Chiefs in Kansas after regulation time. The best Thursday Night NFL match ever? It certainly had an ending which was good enough to be the close of a CFL match!
    Can’t forget all those dodgy decisions and no-calls by the Zebras, though. They seem to be getting worse and worse as the season draws to a close.

Why does she do it?

Mr. Littlejohn of the Daily Mail offered a fascinating theory about the prime minister in his last column before his Xmas break. She’s a political masochist, who enjoys flying round Europe being told No! and being humiliated by the stroppy male** gits running foreign countries.
    The louder the No!, and the bigger the rebuff, the more she loves it. The theory certainly fits the observed facts.
    ** Angular Mherkle, being an east German, can be identified as male in this context.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Battling winter’s chill

What does the £200 Winter Fuel Allowance buy? One of my neighbours stretched it to 27 bottles of wine from two separate special offers and a bottle of Southern Comfort. Which will definitely keep the cold out.