Tuesday, 9 August 2022

A right idea

Backed into a corner is a good place for a politician to be. The former Chancellor has had to come up with a pledge to treat the fifth columnists in Britain, who rubbish everything our nation has done and stands for, like terrorists.
    And rather than ignoring Wee Burney Sturgeon, as Truss would like to do, he would confront her with all the areas in which the SNP has failed during its reign in Scotland.

Gone? Ah, nope!

That Apophis! How much did he bung the scriptwriters of Stargate SG-1 to come back from the dead?

Election shifts explained

That was an interesting theory they were offering on GB Views last night – there’s no such thing as the swing voter in any great numbers.
    There are just people who vote if they feel motivated to do it and stay at home if they don’t.

How modest

In an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, he apologizes for the lack of a murder in the story. Not something that ever bothered the makers of Jessica Fletcher Presents.

Monday, 8 August 2022


Lopez had the early lead for 18 laps of Moto2 @ Silverstone with some slick overtaking going on behind him. Two crashers with 14 to go. Another gone with 10 to go. And another on the next lap.
    There was a 4-way battle behind Lopez. Fernandez got close with 4 laps to go and took the lead on the last lap with 2 corners left. Dixon managed to hold on to 3rd.
    A good show all day.


If the Football League has to discuss how many times it makes players kneel down in support of dead American criminals, it’s time to forget the whole thing.
    There’s nothing much worse than making an obviously insincere gesture.

Chance to shine gone

The French title hopeful Zarco was on pole for MotoGP and led for a while. Then he crashed out from the lead all on his own on lap 5/20.
    This is not a good place for Hondas. Ducatis were first & second, Bagnaia & Miller, toward the finish. Mir crashed with 6 to go. ViƱales reached 2nd place with 3 laps to go and started to joust for the lead. No cigar.