Sunday, 23 January 2022

Actually, no

“The case that rocked the world”, ITV? Most people don’t give a rat’s arse at what Mr. Epstein and his buddies got up to. Only those with no life of their own, or who are making money out of it, take any notice.

Calm down, dear

You do start to wonder about the people who write for newspapers, like Jenni Murray – who claims she’s spent the last 2 years in a state of abject terror.
    If it’s not just routine journalistic hyperbole, there has to be something seriously wrong with her. As for the rest of us, we’re not all nutters, Jenni.

Need to try harder

AEW really let the side down with this week’s Friday show. The worst of the WW crap scripts crammed into one episode, it felt like.
    Especially the rubbish rants.
    But it was redeemed slightly by the 1½ face-painted team, Sting + Allin, at the end.

Subscription Beeb

Maybe the BBC should be on a home meter, which changes only for what you watch. A trip to the news at lunchtime, 5p. With a subscription ceiling at the licence fee so that addicts don’t end up having to take out a mortgage.

Saturday, 22 January 2022

A lot less stress

Anyone wanting to watch Kill Bill 2 twice last night needed two TVs as it was on @ 9 p.m. on both Great! Movies and TCM.

Insider Knowledge

Apparently, the gang at Downing Street didn’t take much notice of the plague rules because they were in a position to know that the so-called experts who created them were totally useless at forecasting what the Chinese plague would do.

’Tis the season to skive

It was real. I did see partyg- ate as hyphenation at the end of the line in the paper. Proof reader on an extended Xmas break?