Monday, 18 March 2019

They’re everywhere

There’s even a Cockney spiv doing TV life insurance ads, I discovered during an episode of Bones on the FX channel yesterday evening. I hit the mute button during the wonky veg Cockney’s assault on our senses.

Are they brave enough?

Just watched some white schoolkids in New Zealand doing a Maori Haka in response to the attack on Moslem immigrants by an Aussie. Will the usual suspects dare to whinge about cultural burglary in this case?

The things people get away with

Just watched Zabriskie Point (well, yesterday afternoon) mainly because I have the Pink Floyd album of the same name. Gordon Bennett! Was it tedious and boring and in need of some ruthless editing and in need of a plot with some substance. That’s real substance, not ‘certain substance’, Mr. Antonioni.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Good job there’s a re-run

Anyone who dragged himself out of bed early to watch the Aussie Grand Prix season opener was doomed to disappointment. The shouty bloke was reduced to getting over-excited about 13th place and Hamilton was a good pit stop behind his team mate at the end in his second place.

Historical moment

The nation remains amazed that the Prime Minister is still alive and croaking (in a lost her voice sense) after the Ides of March.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

You’re nicked

“Making the thumb and index finger into a circle” isn’t a white power salute, it’s a sign that something is spot on, and a gesture we shouldn’t allow the fake news merchants to steal.

More fake news

Is it front page news if the Home Sec. Has a pop at Facebook for live streaming the terrorist attack on the mosques in New Zealand? As virtue signalling is part of his job description, it would have been front page stuff only if he hadn’t done it.