Thursday, 16 August 2018

Serious offence

Corbyn is in real trouble now! A man of the people staying at a Five-Star hotel during his jolly in Tunisia in 2014? The bastard! The class traitor!

Oh, the agony!

On thing this country never seems to run short of is drama queens, who claim they’re going to be forced to leave the country if something terrible happens. Like Brexit being followed by the collapse of British society as we know it (won’t happen) or anti-Semitism becoming compulsory if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the prime minister of a fascist-left government (won’t happen).

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Soviet Warming

The latest conspiracy theory is that the Russians are responsible for all the melting of Arctic ice and the stranded polar bears (aaah!). Apparently, the Putin People want to build military bases in the thawed areas as a basis for claiming new territory and the exploitable natural resources that go with it.
   Sounds very credible!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A spot of seasonal weather

The Corbyn witch hunt has been aggrandized to a storm in a bathtub, but he still has nothing much to worry about. Especially if his chief witch-hunters are the PM of Israel and the chairman of the Conservative party, neither of whom is exactly unappalling.
    And the BBC is still on his side when it takes a break from prosecuting its witch hunt against Boris Johnson.

The worst of all possible worlds

Whoever came up with that ‘Diversity is Strength’ slogan for garments worn by CFL players, coaches and staff was obviously in it for the money rather than the sense.
    Diversity is everyone walking up to the line of scrimmage and doing their own thing rather than what a coach told them.
    Diversity is 8-stone men, and women, playing linepersons and some kid who wants to be a star pretending to be a quarterback.
    Diversity is a shambles rather than the best of the best competing, and not something many people would pay good money to watch.

Monday, 13 August 2018

A new law for human society . . .

“For every witch hunt, there is an equal and opposite witch hunt”
    The one against Boris Johnson for failing to appreciate the bhurka is balanced by the one against Jezzer Corbyn for appreciating Palestinian bad guys too much.

Not enough space to fill!

I’ve just been reading about someone with a weight problem, who casually announced that he’s lost 9 stones – and he’s still got a bit to go before he’s at his ‘ideal’ weight. After a quick calculation, I found that if I lost 9 stones, there would be just a skeleton left. Which leaves my mind boggling about the size of the bloke before he started his diet!