Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beating a drought

It would appear that you can’t use a hose- or other pipe to fill a swimming pool without facing a huge fine, but you can use a tap and a bucket. But filling up a fish pond with a hosepipe is okay. So the answer to the problem seems to be to put a couple of fish in the swimming pool and say it’s a fish pond with lots of elbow room, to which humans have access. Simple!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Give him an “E” for Enterprise

The proprietor of the local village bakery has suggested to me that I might care to buy a modest microwave oven and leave it in his shop for the benefit of customers who want hot pies, rolls, pastries, etc. He’s worried that the 20% VAT slapped on Hot Food in the Budget will affect his sales, and he expects that he will have to leave almost everything fresh-from-the-oven to cool because his customers won’t pay the unnecessary tax. Admiring the cheek of the fellow, I’m inclined to go along with his notion!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A whole lotta nuthin'

I was just thinking, why would anyone give £250K to the Tories? You got a peerage for your money under New Labour. But dinner with Dave? That sounds like a job for a psychiatrist for anyone who thinks that's value for money.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What have I been doing other than not blogging?

Well, one activity which has featured very prominently in the last fortnight is my Things Campaign. Given that the government is run to a disproportionate degree by Liberals, who are very liberal with everyone else’s money but their own, I’ve been converting my assets into Things, which can be dropped off the radar conveniently so that whatever profit or loss I take on them should I ever need to convert them to cash will be my business and mine alone. I reckon I’m providing more than enough cash to the economy through existing taxes, not to mention all the employment I’ve created, that I am entitled to make myself Liberal-proof. And the beauty of it is that, if done well enough, there’s not a damn thing the Liberal millionaires like Clegg and Huhne can do about it.