Friday, 30 January 2015

Yet more political bias

Politicians are always going on about “hardworking” British citizens. But when are the people who are comfortably coasting along going to get their due recognition? The ones who are so well organized that they don’t need to flog their guts out to thrive.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The can’t-do investigators

No Chilcot report before the election to keep Labour off the hook.
No report on the HBoS collapse to keep Labour, the Bank of England and the City “watchdogs” off the hook.
Anyone see a pattern emerging?

Monday, 26 January 2015

Vote Green and get what?

The Greens are an odd lot, who want to take the world to some imaginary mediaeval paradise, where there are no motor cars and aircraft, no supermarkets, no big companies, no pharmaceuticals and hospitals, and no money. It’s a place where everyone has to live on what they can grow in their back garden (meat-eating is banned, of course), which means that everyone has the right to starve to death or die of some curable disease if things don’t work out. The Greens also want drug use legalized, and prisons scrapped along with border controls, which will become irrelevant when there is no one left in the country paying taxes and benefits become a thing of the past.

Good point, Mr. Farage

The four million EU citizens living in Britain definitely should not be allowed to participate in any referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. Voting rights should apply only to British citizens.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Talk is fine, lady.

If Lizzy Kendall, Labour’s health minister stand-in, really believes that the private sector should be allowed to provide taxpayer-funded services to the NHS, and “what matters is what works”, then she is to be encouraged. But if she’s just another hack politician hoping to gain some votes, then she deserves to be treated with contempt and ignored.
    Her big problem is that she has to prove that she means what she’s saying as she is working in an industry full of liars, duffers and opportunists, and she has to prove that she’s not one of them.
 ● Losing her “Blairite” tag would be a step in the right direction as Mr. Liar was famous for being all three of the above.

Friday, 23 January 2015

It should be good for a laugh if nothing else

Dave the Leader’s insistence that the Greens’ dotty views should be heard along with those of the “main” political parties in a TV “debate” have borne some unexpected fruit. The leaders of all the other parties, small and smaller, are demanding the same access to the “debate”. So it could end up as a 9-way shouting match if they get their way.

Answers, please. Now.

Two questions the Education Minister needs to ask the schools inspectorate Ofsted:
1. Why is Ofsted so obsessed with promoting homophilia in schools rather than ensuring that the kids are educated?
2. Are the people employed by Ofsted fit to be on the public payroll?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Serving only their own interests

Do politicians have any regard for the people they represent? Are civil servants interested in anything other than their own welfare? The answer to both questions has to be “no” on the evidence of the Chilcot “inquiry” into what went on to drag Britain into President W. Bush’s war with Iraq in 2003. The degree of foot-dragging indicates that both Chilcot and the current cabinet secretary should be sacked, immediately and without a pension, for failing miserably to perform to their pay grade.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

No incentive

What a peculiar message in a TV advert: using turns you into a bum-wagging exhibitionist. No thanks!

Curious omission

How odd that Wm. Langley should offer a quarter-page “profile” of the actor Damian Lewis in last Sunday’s Telegraph without a mention of his wonderful role as Det. Charlie Crews in Life.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Weasel Words

Lord Coe promised that blowing £10 BILLION on an Olympic games would make the nation’s children thinner and fitter. It didn’t, so can we have our money back?

What cuts?

The taxpayer has been obliged to stump up £1 million to refurbish the free gym for the inmates  of the House of Common Criminals. So there’s clearly still cash sloshing about for the right people, despite the alleged austerity campaign.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Ascension? Confused, more like

The new sciffy serial on Sky is about a spaceship, which was supposed to have been launched in the paranoid 1960s to take a few lucky Earthers to a new planet and away from the threat of The Bomb. The ship is 51 years into its flight but there is a gang which wants to turn it round and go back to Earth. Which doesn’t make that much sense as most of them will croak during the 51-year trip home. Good job the ship is all an illusion and it turns out to be just an experiment which never left our planet!!

Get the public sector out of the public sector!

The Care Quality Commission, the inspector general of the NHS, is in trouble again. After failing to spot scandalous conditions at hospitals and care homes, it is now being accused of stitching up Hitchingbrooke hospital, which was given private sector management on the orders of then Labour health minister A. Burnham, but which now has to be deprivatized to fit in with current Labour policy. The top man at the CQC is now in full wriggle mode as loss of integrity is piled upon charges of incompetence. He must be in fear and trembling for his job now.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

It’s all a matter of degree

The Islamistas hate the West because their own people prefer the Western lifestyle to living under a brutal dictatorship, which is all for the benefit of the privileged few. The West might also operate for the benefit of the privileged few, but the brutality and control-freakery are less severe, and enjoying yourself and daring to criticize the rulers isn’t worth 1,000 lashes and 10 years in gaol. Maybe if the Islamistas had a more attractive product on offer, they might get more love.

Bad memory as a political tactic

It seems that Red Ed is working on an alibi: he wants people to believe that he has a severely faulty memory and he has victim status because of it. So if he forgot to mention the budget deficit (created whilst he was part of the last Labour government) during his party conference speech last year, that’s because he’s a victim and it’s not his fault. And if he can’t remember conspiring to weaponize the NHS, that’s also because he’s a victim and it’s not his fault.
    And now, the future becomes clear. Ed will shoot his mouth off and if he finds that a few people agree with him, that’s his policy. But if people tell him it’s a terrible idea, the memory alibi will come into play and Ed will play the victim yet again. “It’s not my fault, honest!”

Monday, 12 January 2015

No great loss

Given that they just slanging and lying matches, and nothing to do with debates, not having the party leaders doing the US-import TV game show in the run-up to the general election is no loss. So Dave the Leader is doing the right thing by chickening out of getting involved.

Wonky Stats

Are A&E departments really stretched to the limit? Because 64% of the people in them have not had an accident and they are not an emergency case. Sounds like they need some robust triage nurses.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

The threat of democracy

Trade union leaders are worried that they will never again be able to posture for the TV cameras at a big strike if the Tories win in May. Dave the Leader wants strike ballots to have votes cast by at least 50% of the union's membership, and at least 40% of the entire membership must agree to call a strike. Union bosses fear that their memberships are such a bolshy lot, that it will be impossible to persuade as much as 40% of them to agree on anything.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Who creates the need for the biggest sick-bag?

Was N. Farage’s alleged attempt to make political capital out of the terrorist attack in France any more sickening than Red Ed’s decision to “weaponize” the NHS? Or Dave the Leader’s pretence that he cares about Press freedom?

Friday, 9 January 2015

Security at UK borders has been “stepped up” following the massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. The gesture is not expected to make a blind bit of difference vis a vis preventing a similar attack by the Islamist Fifth Column in Britain. But it does give the police further opportunities to show off their guns.

Are we thinking what Nigel is thinking?

The other political leaders put on a display of collective sham hump when the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, dared to acknowledge that there’s a Fifth Column of Islamist terrorists in this country. Obviously, the knees were jerked as a result of collective guilt: on the part of Labour for dragging every migrant they could collect here in the hope of buying their votes with taxpayers’ cash, and on the part of the others, like Dave the Leader, for going along with the whole multiculturalism sham at the expense of Britishness.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Real knowledge vs fancy

Sometimes, an expert just needs to find the right form of words to get a message across. Like the one who announced that if the body’s liver and kidneys are working properly, then they provide all the detoxification that the human body needs. So a celeb “expert” who feeds herself a mushed-up slurry of garden weeds in the hope of doing herself some good is just an ignorant masochist.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Murder Tourists

Is it possible to feel any sympathy for the British Islamists, who went to Syria and Iraq to kill people, and were killed themselves when they decided they didn’t like it and wanted to go home? Not really. One is left only with a sense that Britain is a better place without them.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Killing the Cult of Personality

A South Korean “activist” says he will dump copies of the film The Interview, which provoked a cyber attack on Sony in the US, over North Korea during this month. He aims to destroy Kim Il Whoever’s image by unloading 100,000 DVDs and data sticks from a balloon over a country where hardly anyone who isn’t a member of the Stoogery owns a DVD player or a PC. Yep, sounds like a great idea. Not.