Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Yet more kettles

The outraged Africans are still at it: the ones who come here, enjoy the benefits of a British education and life here, then start jumping up and down and moaning about the slave trade to get themselves noticed. I think we’re entitled to ask just who they are.
    If they’re from Africa, they’re the descendants of Africans who rounded up members of other tribes (or their own) and sold them to the highest bidder. Which means that exploitation is in the genes of the moaners.
    And if they’re from Africa, they have enjoyed the benefits of all the cash which went to the Dark Continent to pay for the slaves; which their ancestors sold, they didn’t give them away for nothing. And also the benefits (and drawbacks) of contact with more advanced civilizations.
    Maybe the people at whom they’re pointing blood-stained fingers should stand up and remind them that no one likes a hypocrite.

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