Friday, 4 August 2017

No way forward

Some ‘international experts’ would have us believe that it is ‘inappropriate’ for a woman to receive and bring to birth, an embryo whose genes have been edited to remove a genetic defect. They are calling the possibility ‘playing god in an effort to create only the best children possible’.
    What’s wrong with that? And what is so wrong with playing god by the standards of people who lived thousands of years ago? And those of modern people who have the same mentality?
    Every medical intervention which prolongs or enhances a life is playing god by that definition; using antibiotics, cancer treatments, hip replacement, heart transplants, etc. There is nothing wrong with doing a spot of godding. Further, once it is known that something can be done, it will be done. Things cannot be uninvented.
    The anti-goddists say they are uneasy about carriers of deadly genetic conditions being branded ‘unfit’. So, with typical fanatics’ zeal, they would deny such people the chance to avoid passing on their defect. But that tends to be the trademark of the anti-goddist: no compassion, no pity, no mercy.
    There is one small note to gladden the heart of the anti-goddists, however: experience shows that break-throughs like this rarely fulfil their initial hype and things will be just the same as they are today decades hence.

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